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Feta Beedfack

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Yahoo! 360,  5 days old Bay Area, CA US Work: Assimilating Flickr School: GeoCities School for Design

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Last updated Wed Mar 30, 2005 Member since March 2005

Coming soon...

You'll be able to share your RSS-enabled content (blogs, photos, etc.) in every one of your social networks, instant messaging clients, and houshold devices offering yet another way to disorient the average web user and frustrate your friends for another ounce of attention, all in a way you'll have trouble explaining to your mom.

When I grow up I'm going to do EVERYTHING for every user of the whole Intarweb!


What to write before The O.C. starts...??

It's fun to be the new kid in town, everybody has been real friendly! Boy, the BLAMMO sure is a fun way to tell my other social networks what I'nm social networking about today! Sometimes I change my BLAMMO for fun every hour on the hour with a new clever referencey non-sequiter, so that the social networks I hang with will know that I'm a hip consumer of intelligent media. HOW AWESOME WOULD IT BE IF MY BLAMMO COULD SYNC WITH THE AWAY MESSAGE ON MY INSTANT MESSAGING CLIENT OMG THAT WOULD BE...

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About Me:
I like Games, and Reviewing things locally, and Maps, and stuff like that. I really liek to keep organized. I'm a scorpio and I like appletinis. Oh, an karaoke!
Places I've Lived:

California From 1993 to 1995

Places I've Studied:
GeoCities School for Design Associates Degree

Sunset_Strip From 1996 to 1998

Languages Spoken:
Javascript, XML, Kobol
"Isn't it about time to update your goddamn profile photos?" - Me

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