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I design! I blog now and stuff!

Remember me?!?! I'm still around, boy am I ever around! So, blogs are totally the future. Come by and set one up so you can share stuff with your friends! At the very least, come by and check out your profile to see what kind of music you were listening to in June of 2003.

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Fri Apr 1 04:38am PST

I AM NOT IRRELEVANT. Please, please, somebody come over and be my fan. I'll give you a free Gmail invite AND a free Blogger invite. Anything.  Reply

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Thu Mar 31 02:15pm PST

Guten Tag Mon Amigo!

I've just logged into myself and spent some time uploading and tagging 90% of my current monthly allowance into myself - and I allow myself a lot. Olá! Ciao! There are so many beautiful pictures in the world, so many keen eyes and artists, and I'm glad to have been able to have shared these few moments with you. We're all unique snowflakes, to be sure. That's why it's so fun yet stimulating to share these 9,721 camerahpone shots of food I ate today, each tagged and noted to make sure you'll understand exactly what went into my intestinal...

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Blog Post -

Thu Mar 31 01:11pm PST

So, fine. You're right. I've essentially evovlved into craigslist, but with color. Sue me. (Please don't sue me)  Reply

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Thu Mar 31 02:15pm PST

I'm a funny film ad released today by Mighty McPilgrim, the comedy troupe of the guy who built Sixfoot! 660. Though unrelated to the gag at hand, I'm worth checking out. 

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Thu Mar 31 02:15pm PST

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